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Updated February 1, 2018

President’s Corner

January 2018

     Happy New Year! I hope you had a great holiday season, in spite of the Dallas Cowboys.

     This coming Saturday we’ll have Radio Play Day at the Carrollton Public Library, Josey Ranch. I’ll be presenting “HT Boot Camp.” We’ve done this in the past and not only new hams but experienced hams new to VHF/UHF repeaters, and those looking to fill in some knowledge gaps came. We’ll cover how to work with repeaters, on-air protocols and procedures, how to set up your radio, what all the terms mean, and how to program radios. It’s a great refresher.

     I’ll be at the Dallas RACES Council meeting at 10, so while Play Day starts at 10, we’ll kick off the “HT Boot Camp” a little after noon. You can bring lunch or there is a snack bar selling sandwiches, drinks and, well, snacks located in the Library.

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Christmas Party

December 14, 2017

     Over 60 hams and guests descended upon Carrollton’s Indian Creek Golf Club for a fine dinner, door prizes and fellowship on Thursday night. President Kevin Grantham, N5KRG, welcomed everyone and VP Andy Parcel, KE5KOF, read a slightly edited version of K1YPP’s “The Night Before Christmas.” Of interest to all were the excellent door prizes securely wrapped with care by Kim Gilpin.

     James McCormick, KG5KBP, took away the big Raffle Prize, an Icom IC-718 HF transceiver. It may find its way into a go-box very soon.

     Click on the gallery below for pictures of the festivities. Meanwhile, MARS wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas with good DX in 2018!

Annie Ackors-Bruce, KG5OUV, and Seth Bruce, AF5YN, prep the welcome table.

Name badges standing by in case guests forget their names.

Kevin Grantham, N5KRG, and Lisa Chapman

Rebecca Reeves with Onyx, K9DAWG

Onyx got a badge.

Lucie Leblanc, KG5GUC

Kevin, N5KRG, Andy Parcel, KE5KOF, and Liz Brown, K5EMB

Arnold Krusemark, K0YVI, Bob Bailey, W5TFY, and Judy Bailey, KB5IMY

Andy, KE5KOF, and David Gilpin, K5GIL, lay out the beautiful collection of door prizes.

Securely-wrapped prizes showing artistic flair by Kim Gilpin.

Marisa Marshall, KF5OWW, and Mike Marshall, AF5CL

David Gilpin, K5GIL, Elvina Hiatt, and Dale Hiatt, KC5MAY

Van Kozak, AG5VK, Robin Kozak, KG5APK, and Deborah Lewis, W5DAL

Cathy Darrah, KD5YXK, and Steve Darrah, KD5YPB

Undisclosed hams operate at the bar.

David Holliday NB5V, and Cindy Holliday

Connie Norris and Bob Norris, N0HL

Mary Wendel and Ken Wendel, W5RPS

Maria Hardin and John Hardin, KE5WQD

Tom Brewer, K5MET, and Becky Brewer, WA5ZSR

Debbie Lane and Dave Lane, N5GDL

Debra Batteiger and Allan Batteiger, WB5QNG

Ben Segars, KG5RJP, and Courtney Segars

Cyrus Swain, Kelly Swain, Marty Crimmins, K5VQM, Darrell Crimmins, KG5E, and Collin Swain

Bill Wright, KD5YYK

Cheryll Mabray and Jerry Mabray, N5ZW

Collin Swain and James McCormick, KG5KBP

Tom Yenny, K5LOL, and Pebba Yenny

Russell Fish, W5SGV, and Beth Blankenship, KF5LBE

Pierre Lazarus and Elizabeth Colon

Seth Bruce, AF5YN, monitoring while Annie Ackors-Bruce, KG5OUV, and Darrell Crimmins, KG5E, as they draw for door prizes.

Ben Segars, KG5RJP, is awarded custody of the traveling Basic Antenna Book for the coming year.

Bob Lewis, WA5ONL, got a fine set of socket wrenches.

Daryl DeVault, KE5SAB, won a colorful kit of shrink tubing.

Jerry Mabray, N5ZW, has a new meter.

Liz Brown, K5EMB, cannot contain her excitement about a lighted screwdriver.

Cheryll Mabray no longer has to borrow Jerry’s meter.

Ron Reeves, NN5R, has a new circuit tester.

Dave Lane, N5GDL, will light up the neighborhood with his spotlight.

Kevin Grantham, N5KRG, scored a ten-year supply of lead-based solder.

David Holliday, NB5V, is prepped with a cranky weather radio.

The Mother-of-All trouble lights went to Steve Darrah, KD5YPB.

Annie Ackors-Bruce, KG5OUV, is ready to repair anything electronic.

Collin Swain can check two time zones with one glance.

Tom Brewer, K5MET, got a Baofeng HT. One cannot have too many HTs.

Ken Wendel, W5RPS, got two HTs!

A terrific MFJ power supply went to Dale Hiatt, KC5MAY.

Debra Batteiger won a great Yaesu FT-60R.

Darrell Crimmins, KG5E, congratulates James McCormick, KG5KBP, for winning the Grand Raffle prize, an Icom IC-718.

MARS featured in QST

     A photo from our 2017 ARRL Field Day in June anchored the Field Day results article in the December issue of QST. It was good to see us representing the 37,700 hams who worked the event. You can download the article from the ARRL here:

     Our final score was 1,188 with 137 QSOs. Read the rest of our Field Day story with more photos in the Archives here:

DMR Talkgroups Updated

     The Worldwide (WW) and North America (NA) talkgroups on N5GDL’s DMR repeater have been changed to push-to-talk (PTT). Please go to the DMR Notes page to download the new list.

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