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January 5, 2022

Radio Resolutions for the Entire Year

Ron Reeves, NN5R

  It’s that time of year again. Time for New Year’s Resolutions—the first-of-the-year promises you make to yourself that are long forgotten by February. To get your creative juices flowing, how about this Ham Radio Resolution: The State QSO Party Challenge. It’s a year-long QSO event with the ultimate goal of working all the State QSO Parties in one year. Check out their website

  If that seems a bit over-the-top, how about just 13 resolutions—one for every month and a spare.

» January – Work Winter Field Day

» February – Attend Storm Spotter School

» March – Build a kit (or something from scratch) and get it on the air

» April – Make a presentation at the MARS club meeting

» May – Take the family on a vacation (and take a rig for portable operating)

» June – Work ARRL Field Day

» July – Fix something in your shack that hasn’t worked right in years

» August – Add a new antenna to your antenna farm

» September – Help another ham install a new antenna

» October – Operate a mode, band or event you’ve never operated before

» November – Operate during the Switchyard or another public service event

» December – Attend at least one ham radio club’s Christmas party

» Bonus Month – Upgrade your license

  If you think too long about it, you’ll have more resolutions that you have time to get done. The important thing is to set goals you can accomplish and that have value to you. Good luck!

  —73, Ron Reeves,

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