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DMR Notes

Updated August 12, 2018

DMR Talkgroups Changed

     We have aligned the talkgroups to conform to a new plan by the North Texas DMR Repeater Trustees Group. On the Carrollton repeater, the biggest change is moving DFW Metro from timeslot 2 to timeslot 1. Please make this change in your radio’s code plug. Code plugs for TYT radios are below. You can download the table of talkgroups from the link below.

N5GDL Repeater Talkgroups [PDF]


​Getting Started with the TYT MD-380/390
Tytera MD-380/390 Programming Software
Code Plug for the Tytera (TYT) MD-380 Portable

     Before using this code plug, it needs to be personalized. Using the CPS MD380 software that comes with the radio, edit the following:

     Under “General settings,” edit the Radio Name, Radio ID and Intro Screen Line 1 to reflect your information.

     The Radio ID is a number issued by that is unique to every user, and allows your radio to identify itself in many systems.

Getting Started with the TYT MD-2017


Code Plug for the Tytera (TYT) MD-2017 Portable​​

MD-2017 USB Drivers

MD-2017 Firmware Updater 7-21-17

65000 New Contacts.csv

Dave Lane, N5GDL, has some helpful hints to get you up and running with this radio:

Getting Started With Your MD-2017 [PDF]

What Tytera Didn’t Tell Us [PDF]

NOTE: You MUST apply for and use this registration number. Go to

and click “Register ID” in the upper right corner to register. The website says to allow 72 hours to process your request. You will need this number before you transmit.

     As you learn the radio and study the code plug you will undoubtedly want to make changes. Be sure to save the old version so you have something to revert to in case of disaster!

     If you have questions or praise about this codeplug, the repeater or DMR in general, please contact

Check out the LINKS page for more DMR info.

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