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May 24, 2024

   The Metrocrest Amateur Radio Society is an active radio club. We have many activities throughout the year related to a variety of ham radio interests.

Hams & Eggs

  About 8:00 AM CT every Saturday morning, dedicated radio enthusiasts gather at our beloved Whataburger at PGBT and Old Denton for breakfast and camaraderie. All Hams or Want-to-Be-Hams are invited to drop by.

Closeup of a hand on a radio tuning knob
Next Regular Meeting

Thursday, June 13, 2024 • 7:00 PM

As this will be a business meeting, all voting members should attend if possible.

      The Nominating Committee will tally the votes from the mail-in ballots sent to all eligible members. Voting members attending in person who have not mailed their ballots will still have an opportunity to vote.

     This will be a hybrid in-person/remote meeting. you will receive an invitation if you are subscribed to our Newsletter.

Metrocrest ARS Play Day Logo
Play Day

The next Play Day will be the third Saturday, July 20, 2024

Please join us June 22–23 for ARRL Field Day.

Amateur Testing

Saturday, July 20, 2024 (third Saturday), 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM CT

Allan Batteiger, WB5QNG, will have an in-person test session in the Conference Room in the back.

Allan continues remote testing on Tuesdays. Please visit to learn how to sign up.

Upcoming events

DFW Ham Expo logo
DFW Ham Expo

Friday, June 14, 2024, 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Saturday, June 15, 2024, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

    MARS is hosting 3 tables to sell some club-owned items. You are welcome to bring stuff for the Club to sell on consignment. We will be at the event from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM Friday and 9:00 AM Saturday until closing around 3:00 PM.

   Here are the essential notes:

  • For Club Members, there is a 10% commission up to $20.00 that the Club retains.

  • For non-Members there is a 10% commission, but there is no 20-dollar cap.

  • You must have your item marked with a description, price, your call sign and your phone number where you can be reached. If an item is too large for the table, you may provide a clear high-resolution photograph and the above information. No links to eBay or other online sale sites please.

  • You must provide a separate sheet with the description, price, and the absolute minimum price you are willing to accept. The sheet must have your phone number where you can be reached as well.

  • Please pick up your unsold items before the end of the day on Saturday. As we have no way of storing equipment, we will not be responsible for your items after the show.

  • The Club may, at its discretion, accept sellable items as an outright donation. We are not your recycling bin, so no junk please.

   More information is on the Expo website, If you have any questions, or wish to volunteer to monitor the tables, please shoot us an email, Looking forward to seeing you at the Expo!

ARRL Field Day Logo
ARRL Field Day

Saturday, June 22–Sunday, June 23, 2024

      Marshal Ron Reeves, NN5R, has outlined a weekend of adventure and high fun for June 22–23. We’ll have plenty of room for antennas and we can work through the night as class 3A. If the weather holds, we even can set up a station outside. This is not a one-day deal! And there will be food (register now).

      Of course, Field Day takes many volunteer heads and hands to set up and wrap, act as department leads, and work the bands. There are many opportunities to help make this event a success. Ron has prepared a thorough FD plan so please go HERE to download Ron’s update.

      We need to know if you plan to attend and if you want to eat. Register now! If you have questions or want to volunteer, please shoot an email to Meanwhile, monitor this page for continuing updates.

Ham Holiday Logo
Ham Holiday

Friday, July 26–Saturday, July 27, 2024

Look for Parking Lot Entry D, and enter the doors that say College Union. Visit for more information or just click the logo.

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Play Day
Field Day
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