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Christmas Party 2019

December 12, 2019

The name tags were spread on the table with care; hoping Main Trading would soon be there.

Liz Brown K5EMB sold Ken Wendel W5RPS a few raffle tickets.

Andy Parcel KE5KOF sold door prize tickets.

Daryl KE5SAB and Vicki DeVault.

Dave Lichtenwalter N2DL, Bob Norris N0IIL, and Mary Wendel line up at the bar.

Mary and Ken Wendel W5RPS, and David Gilpin K5GIL.

Russell Fish W5SGV, David Holliday NB5V, Cindy Holliday, and Beth Blankenship KF5LBE

Carol Parcel and Lisa Chapman.

Pebba and Tom Yenny K5LOL.

Marty K5VQM and Darrell Crimmins KG5E.

Cyrus Swain and Kelly Swain.

Darrell Crimmins KG5E and Collin Swain.

Leonard Pruitt KG5DNO, Bob Bailey W5TFY and Judy Bailey KB5IMY.

Connie and Bob Norris N0IIL.

Bill Cahill AD8BC.

Arnold Krusemark K0YVI and James Jernigan KG5WVL.

Ron NN5R and Susan Reeves.

Gary KI5X and Barbara Rodgers.

President and Emcee Kevin Grantham N5KRG.

The Partygoers.

The food line.

Tom General KE5ICX, James Jernigan KG5WVL, J.J. Henry N5IMS, and Michael Masterson WT9V.

Andy KE5KOF and Carol Parcel.

David Gilpin K5GIL presided over the door prizes.

Kevin Grantham N5KRG won the coveted Antenna Book—a MARS tradition.

James Shugart N5BKL won a drone.

David Holliday NB5V got a nifty speaker system.

Ron Reeves NN5R won a speaker system.

Russell Fish W5SGV and his speaker system.

Deborah Lewis W5DAL was another proud owner of the nifty speaker system.

Cyrus Swain got a pair of speakers.

Another pair of speakers went to Bill Cahill AD8BC.

Dale Hiatt K5MAY got a TV antenna. Who needs cable?

Andy Parcel KE5KOF was another cord-cutter.

A portable weather radio went to Tom General KE5ICX.

Susan Reeves got a portable power pack/flashlight/compass.

Michael Masterson WT9V won a nice power supply.

A copy of the Handbook went to Ken Wendel W5RPS.

Daryl DeVault KE5SAB won a new Yaesu FT-70 digital/analog dual-band HT.

David Holliday NB5V won the Grand Prize. Congratulations!

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