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Updated July 29, 2017

MARS Hams Activate Philmont

July 14, 2017


     Dale Hiatt, KC5MAY, and Dale Finley, KB5NFT, will operate from the Philmont Scout Ranch July 17th through July 29th using the call K5K. Philmont is nestled in the Sangre de Cristo mountains near Cimarron, New Mexico.

     Using equipment provided by Icom America, the two Dales will promote “Radio Scouting” from the porch near the Tooth of Time Traders. Hiatt said, “One of our goals is to establish contact with the Boy Scouts National Jamboree being held in southern West Virginia, and it is in the Eastern Time zone and we are in the Mountain Time zone.” He notes they will not be on the air in the evenings, but will operate from 9:00am to 6:00pm CDT.

     Here is their band plan:


40 meters 7.190 MHz and 7.090 where authorized

20 meters 14.290 MHz (20 meters will be their primary band)

17 meters 18.140 MHz

15 meters 21.360 MHz

12 meters 24.960 MHz

10 meters 28.390 MHz


20 meters 14.070 MHz


June 10, 2017

     At the recent Ham-Com convention, West Gulf Division Director David Woolweaver K5RAV (L), and ARRL Second Vice President Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT (R), presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to club member James Shugart, N5BKL, for his service to amateur radio. James said he was taken completely by surprise. Congratulations go to James for this prestigious award.

Ham-Com 2017

The Tables of KB5A

David Gilpin, K5GIL, makes another sale.

Lots of interest at our tables.

Bins and more bins.

Liz, K5EMB, Annie, KG5OVU, and Seth, AF5YN.

Seth Bruce, AF5YN

Liz, K5EMB and Annie Ackors-Bruce, KG5OVU were in charge of the cash.

Fine Business batteries courtesy Darrell Crimmins, KG5E.

K5EMB had all the N-connectors you could possibly need.

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Left to Right: Steve Darrah, KD5YPB; Mike Brown, W5MDB; Kevin Grantham, N5KRG; Annie Ackors-Bruce, KG5OVU; David Gilpin, K5GIL; Seth Bruce, AF5YN; Andy Parcel, KE5KOF. Not pictured is Darrell Crimmins, KG5E.

New Club Officers

June 8, 2017

     The Members confirmed by acclamation our new officers for 2017-2018. They are:

President—Kevin Grantham, N5KRG

Vice-President—Andy Parcel, KE5KOF

Secretary—Seth Bruce, AF5YN

Treasurer—Annie Ackors-Bruce, KG5OVU

Director—Mike Brown, W5MDB

     Continuing their terms as Directors are Steve Darrah, KD5YPB, Darrell Crimmins, KG5E, and Immediate Past President, David Gilpin, K5GIL. Congratulations to our new and returning officers.

Bob Linker, W5SQA


Can you hear me now?

Key and sounder

Telegraph Sounder

Ed DeCanniere, W9NCR, with Bob Linker, W5SQA

Telegraph Sounder - 400Ω

Telegraphy without Tone

June 8, 2017

     At the June meeting, Bob Linker, W5SQA, demonstrated how Morse code was transmitted before there was radio. Bob brought his vintage Western Union sounder and key to tap out a few messages. Another veteran railroad telegrapher, Ed DeCanniere, W9NCR, tried his hand at the key as well. Bob noted they were using American Morse code back in the day rather than International Morse code used today by radio operators.

     Read more about it here:

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