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Updated December 1, 2017

President’s Corner

November 2017

     Kudos to Steve Darrah, KD5YPB, and his team for a very successful Festival at the Switchyard event! We had a double booth and introduced ham radio to nearly one hundred people.

     Steve and Mike Brown, W5MDB, went to new heights to install a 20-meter dipole on the roof of a nearby building. Steve provided his Yaesu FT-857D and his VHF/UHF go box. Dave Gilpin, K5GIL, brought his notebook computer and an external monitor. Several club members made PSK digital contacts.

     Liz Brown, K5EMB, and Ron Reeves, NN5R, helped set up signage and the popular “Kid’s Code Key” to the delight of visitors. Andy Parcel, KE5KOF, arranged for lunch through the Carrollton Citizens on Patrol and Russell Widener.

     This was not a general-purpose operating event like Field Day or Play Day, and I know that some club members were disappointed they couldn’t set up their own equipment. As Steve observed, “This event is really for the public to learn about ham radio.” Plus, parking, access to the site and physical space were quite limited.

     Thanks go as well to Dale Finley, KB5NFT, Tom Yenny, K5LOL, James McCormick, KG5KBP, Ben Segars, KG5RJP, Mauricio Mazuera, W4FPV, Ken Wendel, W5RPS, Tom Brown, KD5ETJ, and all the club members who set up, packed up, represented the club and ham radio to the public, and operated from the event. Please check out the photo gallery below for Switchyard Snapshots and literally, just a bunch of young future hams pounding brass.

     The club meeting is this Thursday. We invited a number of booth visitors to come check us out. Some will be curious, and some will actively be looking to get started on their FCC license. Please look for visitors and given them a warm welcome.

     The Christmas Party is only a month away! Tickets will be on sale at the meeting—get yours now! And raffle tickets—$5 each for; five for $20. We’re raffling an Icom IC-718 HF base radio. This is a great beginner HF rig for Technician Class operators working on their General, and a great gift.

     Lastly, we need a “program arranger” for Play Day. This would be to create a program or find someone to do a build or other program every two or three months. You don’t have to do it all, just be responsible for finding something fun. Could be “interfacing a computer to your radio” or HT Boot Camp or a seminar or EchoLink or even a simple build like the recent PowerPole project. I’m thinking you would be the best person for this. Let me know!


     Kevin Grantham, N5KRG


KD5YPB ponders his final steps on the dipole install.

Steve poses with the antenna while he steels himself for the trip down.

Liz, K5EMB, Ron, NN5R, and Tom, K5LOL, set the tables.

Liz, K5EMB.

Ron, NN5R, Steve, KD5YPB, and Tom, K5LOL, working on signs.

Mike, W5MDB, ties one on.

Ron, NN5R, on sign duty.

Our QTH on Broadway.

Mauricio W4FPV, Liz, K5EMB, David, K5GIL, Dale, KB5NFT, James, KG5KBP, and Tom, K5LOL.

Tom, K5LOL.

K5LOL tries a few QSOs.

KD5YPB and K5GIL ready their rigs.

Tom, KD5ETJ.

Ken, W5RPS, works a little PSK.

Kevin, N5KRG, explains the intricacies of digital radio.

Dale, KB5NFT, and Liz, K5EMB, wait for our first visitors.

Fans line up to get the tutorial from Mauricio, W4FPV.

Night falls and Kevin, N5KRG, wonders if it’s time to go home.

Mike, W5MDB, says it’s time to go.

Musings from the Vice President

November 2017

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