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Updated April 16, 2018

Mobile radio in go box.
Santa Fe Days In The Park

March 16-18, 2018

     For the past few years, hams have provided “shadow” communicators for Carrollton’s annual Santa Fe Days In The Park. As before, the goal was to give event staff instant communications across Sandy Lake Park. Hams followed department heads as they moved about the park. Event organizers reported excellent service from the radio amateurs.

     Net Control Operator Steve Darrah, KD5YPB, organized the event with support from Liz Brown, K5EMB. The event was managed as an ARES® public service net over a simplex frequency using HTs.

     In addition to Steve and Liz, thanks go to these volunteers: Mike Brown, W5MDB; Seth Bruce, AF5YN; Darrell Crimmins, KG5E; David Gilpin, K5GIL; Kevin Grantham, N5KRG; Dale Hiatt, KC5MAY; James Jernigan, KG5WVL; Arnold Krusemark, K0YVI; James McCormick, KG5KBP; Randy Morton, KE5EOT; Andy Parcel, KE5KOF; Ron Reeves, N5RR; Ben Segars, KG5RJP; Scott Theleman; KG5VOF; and Tom Yenny, K5LOL.

     Santa Fe Days is a celebration of Native American culture and offers food, entertainment, prizes and a wide variety of arts and crafts from around the country.

James Jernigan KG5WVL, David Gilpin K5GIL, Steve Darrah KD5YPB, Ron Reeves NN5R, Tom Yenny K5LOL, Randy Morton KE5EOT, Liz Brown K5EMB

Steve Darrah KD5YPB, Arnold Krusemark K0YVI, Dale Hiatt KC5MAY, Darrell Crimmins KG5E, James Jernigan KG5WVL

Liz Brown K5EMB

Dale Hiatt KC5MAY

Darrell Crimmins KG5E

James Jernigan KG5WVL

Steve Darrah KD5YPB

President’s Corner

March 2018

     Tis the season of hamfests! We just had Cowtown in Forest Hills. Irving hamfest is coming up in a few weeks (March 3rd). There will be Belton, Gainesville, Ardmore and more. But the most important for us anyway is Ham-Com. That’s in June right before Field Day. If you have something to sell, maybe to make room for that new FT-991 or IC-7610, we’ll have tables at Ham-Com. MARS makes a small commission and we handle the credit card processing, so it’s a great way to sell old gear and help the club, too.

[Please go here to read more.]

Meeting Notes

     At the February meeting, we viewed a short video about ARRL’s beginnings, then heard from North Texas Section Manager, Jay Urish, W5GM. He spoke to members about his role as section manager and some of his goals for the future. He gave us a head’s up about future changes to the ARES® program, but no details are yet available.

     When news and information become available he’ll post it on the ARRL North Texas email reflector, If you haven’t registered with the NTX website, please visit the ARES PAGE for information about signing up.

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